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Psychology of computer programming epub

Psychology of computer programming epub

Psychology of computer programming. Gerald M. Weinberg

Psychology of computer programming
ISBN: 0932633420,9780932633422 | 299 pages | 8 Mb

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Psychology of computer programming Gerald M. Weinberg
Publisher: Dorset House

Business; Medical/HealthCare; Computer Technology; Computer Engineering; Psychology; Computer Programming. So this is it; modern psychology, computer programming and neurophysiology meets ancient mysticism. The above explains why Gerald Weinberg, in The Psychology of Computer Programming (written in the 1970s, and still applicable), states that if a programmer becomes indispensable, you should fire him immediately. Lilly referred to this self-programming ability as metaprogramming, and reported on his research in his . Computer-Programming I recently read (sort of) Frederick Brooks's The Mythical Man-Month. The Psychology Of Computer Programming – Gerald Weinberg THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion – L. We recently got new technical books for our office library. Edward mentioned what looks like an interesting book about how to be happy in your career as a computer programmer here. Sometimes things go beautifully, sometimes a programmer spends whole days beating his head against the wall on a single point, until finally the light bulb lights up. I got a "new" book in the mail a few weeks ago and finally had time to crack it open, "The Psychology of Computer Programming" by Gerald M. Initially, the university will offer five courses online, covering topics including psychology, computer programming, and English common law. House and Sherlock Holmes rely heavily on Psychology. ThoughtWorkers pitched in with their books recommendation and we ended up getting a great collection of books. These are The Psychology of Computer Programming. The Psychology of Computer Programming. As I understand it, this book is a cult classic, and I was very curious to read it. Reliance on a related science – Dr. Missouri residents who earn a Bachelor's degree are 50% less likely to become unemployed. Lilly's experiments showed that the brain could be treated as a programmable entity similar to a digital computer, but a computer which could program itself. Long time since I wrote any blog..

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